The first Startup Lab in the Czech Republic

About us
51 percent of people asked, “What’s the best way to learn more about entrepreneurship?” responded with “Start a company”
9 out of 10 small businesses fail in the first four years.
Founders who have failed at a prior business have a 20 percent chance of succeeding with their next venture.

About us

Welcome to the first Startup Lab in the Czech Republic!
Through hard work, sustained effort and top tier mentoring you will learn to overcome the most crucial and important phases in achieving your business ideas, giving them real practical structure and gaining potential clients!

Prague Startup Lab (PSL) is Prague’s boutique, independent Startup Training Center. In an intensive 2-months drill, with a 2 day/week program involving Prague’s most experienced trainers and speakers. PSL helps turn an idea into a killer startup with existing potential clients and brings entrepreneurial drive to your enterprise. Follow us and don’t miss the next call for applications!

Unlike other accelerators, PSL accepts founders who may or may not have a complete team or prototype yet, helping you with team completion, idea evaluation, and access to the market ecosystem.
Our independence from corporate funds allows us to challenge the status quo and accept all ideas, no matter how challenging.

Prague Startup Lab HQ - K10, Praha Vinohrady

The home of Startup Lab is K10 Cowokring situated in Vinohrady
- one of the most beautiful parts of Prague

The program


The lab is all about the people: hard working, devoted and ambitious entrepreneurs who create innovative solutions and bring added value to the lives of millions.

The aim of the 5 milestones is to deliver the students all the necessary tools to succeed in the terms of motivation, discipline, killer marketing, knowledge, sustainability, endurance and sales skills. After graduation, the startups should have their own launched product, potential clients, partners on the b2b level, market feedback and corporate culture fellowship. Together we will build your brand and launch the project to the customers as effective as possible.

The 2-month PSL program consists of weekly mentoring sessions, workshops, work assignments(Thursdays and Fridays from 18:00 to 20:00), and individual mentoring, covering the entire startup story arc. In a nutshell, you arrive as an individual/team with an idea – and you leave as the CEO of your own dream company.


  • Sales Pitching customers, investors, co-founders
  • Working morale, developing discipline, work with motivation and respecting your time
  • Devising a reasonable, fundable, profitable, convincing business idea
  • Professional sales, networking and international relations
  • Business financial analytics and „VC rules“ – what VC think about while pitching them?
  • All marketing associated activities


„Work first, grow your business.
All the rest is just a matter of free time.“


PSL is a lean operation with permanent and no permanent teaching staff apart from the directorial team. Instead, it is carried by a growing network of mentors, some of who are also business owners:

  • Startup founders or members of C-level management teams
  • Partners from tech industry-oriented law firms
  • Leading individuals from the creative and media industry
  • Leading individuals from big Czech and international corporations
  • Some mentors will not only teach, but be available to consult and help PSL participants on an individual level


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The deal

Course language: English and Czech

There will be mandatory attendances 2 days per week (Tuesday and Friday 18:00- 20:00) on the K10 Coworking space premises, in the most colorful, vibrant and cosmopolitan of Prague’s districts - Vinohrady, on Koperníkova street number 10, Praha 2.

  • Weekly dynamic Show-and-Tell sessions on Friday nights
  • Weekly engaging course cases to be solved and prepared for review by Prague Startup Lab
  • Weekly thought-provoking reading assignments
  • All program’s 5 milestones will be concluded with a pitch session to be reviewed by peers and mentors of Prague Startup Lab

The deal

The goal is to support all necessary marketing activities and campaigns such as: Project preparation, branding, idea testing, UX and design, customer acquisition, research and analysis, emailing, feedback workout, all types of advertisement (such as social media, banner, content, browser) and go-to-market strategy implementation. The strategy is clear – to get as much as possible attention and clients for your projects.

All teams will be eligible for investment on a crowdfunding platform and those who graduate have a chance to get investment from other entities (i.e bank, investor, Venture Capitalists or other PSL partners). Therefore it pays off to make an effort.

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